How to Overcome an Addiction

The effects of these drugs can be dangerous and unpredictable, as there is no quality control and some ingredients may not be known. When this happens, it can be useful to stay with the urge until it passes. Imagine yourself as a surfer who will ride the wave of your drug craving, staying on top of it until it crests, breaks, and turns into less powerful, foamy surf. When you ride out the craving, without trying to battle, judge, or ignore it, you’ll see that it passes more quickly than you’d think. Think of a sandy beach, or a fond memory, such as your child’s first steps or time spent with friends.

  • This step-by-step guide can help you cope with cravings, deal with relapse, and overcome your substance use disorder.
  • Whatever treatment approach you choose, having positive influences and a solid support system is essential.
  • The important thing to remember is that relapse doesn’t mean drug treatment failure.
  • By acknowledging that a change is needed, it means that you recognize that there is a problem and have a desire to address it.

Relapse is a common part of the recovery process from drug addiction. While relapse is frustrating and discouraging, it can be an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, identify additional triggers, and correct your treatment course. If you were addicted to a prescription drug, such as an opioid painkiller, you may need to talk to your doctor about finding alternate ways to manage pain. Regardless of the drug you experienced problems with, it’s important to stay away from prescription drugs with the potential for abuse or use only when necessary and with extreme caution. Drugs with a high abuse potential include painkillers, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medication.

Overcoming Drug Addiction

Many treatment facilities offer a variety of specialized programs that can be tailored to each individual. The inpatient program provides between 30 and 90 days of intensive treatment, which includes medical supervision, clinical guidance, step-down programs, and medical detox. Pinnacle Recovery offers addiction recovery programs in Utah that include both evidence-based and holistic therapies such as acupuncture, music therapy, and guided meditation. Specialized programs at Ashley may include holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people with opioid addiction. Ashley Addiction is a Maryland rehab center that offers a range of drug and alcohol abuse programs. When experiencing a craving, many people have a tendency to remember only the positive effects of the drug and forget the negative consequences.

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Lifestyle changes, behavioral therapy, medications, and mutual support groups may all play a role in your treatment, but it is important to find the approach that works best for your needs. Medications can be utilized to treat symptoms of withdrawal, help people remain in treatment, and prevent relapse. The type of medication a doctor prescribes depends on the type of addiction that is being treated. For example, there are different medications available to treat opioid, nicotine, and alcohol addiction. Overcoming drug addiction is a process that requires time, patience, and empathy. A person will want to consider actions they can take such as committing to change, seeking support, and eliminating triggers.

Reach Out to Healthcare Providers

Sometimes called the “opioid epidemic,” addiction to opioid prescription pain medicines has reached an alarming rate across the United States. Some people who’ve been using opioids over a long period of time may need physician-prescribed temporary or long-term drug substitution drug addiction recovery during treatment. As time passes, you may need larger doses of the drug to get high. As your drug use increases, you may find that it’s increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Attempts to stop drug use may cause intense cravings and make you feel physically ill.

  • Detoxification is not equivalent to treatment and should not be solely relied upon for recovery.
  • Having the ongoing support of loved ones and access to professionals can make all the difference.
  • Substituted cathinones, also called “bath salts,” are mind-altering (psychoactive) substances similar to amphetamines such as ecstasy (MDMA) and cocaine.
  • The evidence shows that every day, people choose to recover from addiction on their own.
  • Drug and alcohol detoxification programs prepare a person for treatment in a safe, controlled environment where withdrawal symptoms (and any physical or mental health complications) can be managed.
  • Addiction treatment programs here are JCAHO-accredited, and the rehab facility was named one of the best addiction treatment centers in 2023 by Newsweek.

The inpatient program will typically begin with a medically monitored detox program that uses medications and counseling to help clients through uncomfortable cravings and withdrawal. Additional services available include LGBTQ+-specific programming, addiction education, anti-craving medications, regular phone and computer access, and much more. Yet for people looking for a trustworthy rehab facility, it can be difficult to separate the credible treatment centers from the non-credible ones.